PLEASE NOTE: ALWAYS check your junk mail folder for correspondence! If you do not see an email, you may miss out on an offer.
Step 1:  Read the rules and guidelines

Download and read the 2022 ESP Rules and Guidelines.

Step 2:  Declaration and Permission Form

Download the Permission and Declaration Form, and read and complete the relevant fields.  Obtain parental/guardian and school principal consent.  Incomplete fields will result in processing delays and may result in your application not being considered. 

Step 3:  Complete the online application

  1. Access the online application via the link at the bottom of this page (it will take approximately 15-20 minutes to complete the online application).  
  2. You will be prompted to register an account.  Once you have registered, you will receive a confirmation email from Survey Monkey (our application system provider).  Click on the link in this email.  
  3. Under 'Programs', select 'Enhanced Studies Program'.
  4. For 'Enhanced Studies Program' click 'Apply Now'.
  5. Complete the application form by clicking the corresponding 'Start' button.  At the end of the form, you will be prompted to click 'Mark as Complete'.
  6. Upload your Year 11 Semester One report card. Click "Mark as Complete'.
  7. Upload your passport and visa documents (international students only).  
  8. Upload your signed Permission and Declaration Form. 
  9. Once you have completed the above, click 'Mark as Complete'. You can then review your application before clicking 'Mark as Complete" again.    
  10. You will receive a confirmation email for your records.  
  11. Remember to 'Sign Out' of your account (top right hand corner) once you have submitted your application. 
  12. Check the email address you used for your application, including the junk mail folder, for updates on the outcome.

Applicants can save incomplete applications for completion at a later time (prior to the closing date). Applications which are not submitted by the closing date will not be considered.

Applications for students who will be in Year 12 in 2022 will open on 2 August 2021 and close on 31 October.

Applications for WRIT1999 for Year 11 students in 2021 will open on 20 April and close on Friday 28 May, 2021. Please go to the WRIT1999 page to apply for this program.

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