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Experience all the benefits of student life at UQ as well as gain a head start at uni.
Check if you meet the eligibility requirements and discover what to consider before applying.
Over 40 courses are available to study in 2017.

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Important Dates for ESP 2017

Applications open August and close on 31st October 2016.

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The Enhanced Studies Program provides students with an opportunity to extend their knowledge and skills by completing one university subject during Year 12.

Student testimonials


Joel Addison
“The ESP was very useful, it allowed me to experience the type of assessment involved in a university course. I also enjoyed getting to know how the university worked, which meant I felt more ready to start university after I finished school.”

Joel Addison
Calculus & Linear Algebra 1 (MATH1051)
Bachelor of Engineering

Evan Holm
“Participating in the ESP meant, not only did I become good at managing my time effectively, but I was able to go to the campus and experience everything as a normal UQ student, like UQ Athletics and the libraries.”

Evan Holm
Calculus & Linear Algebra 1 (MATH1051)
Bachelor of Engineering

Josephine Jones
The ESP was a great way to be introduced to German classes at UQ without interfering with my year 12 commitments. It helped me make the decision to continue German when I started at UQ and made the transition to university life easier.”

Josephine Jones
Continuing German Language 1 (GRMN2010)
Bachelor of Psychological Science

Joel Addison
“'One of the greatest benefits of ESP, was being able to meet and interact with many people who had similar interests as me. Academically, I learnt many skills that also enhanced my year 12 studies, whilst socially; I was able to participate in a range of activities that weren't readily available at my high school. Most importantly, ESP gave me a chance to learn about the structure of UQ, making my first semester at uni stress free!”

Tess Sweeney
Belief and Unbelief (RELN1001)
Bachelor of Arts

General enquiries

Candice Meyer
Program Coordinator

Phone: +61 7 3346 7762