Students currently completing Year 11 (in the year of application), in all Queensland state and non-government high schools and colleges1, including on-shore international students and students studying the Diploma of the International Baccalaureate who:

  • are high academic achievers gaining at least a 'B+' cumulative average (or equivalent) during Semester 1, Year 112, and
  • can participate in ESP during first semester of Year 12, and
  • are confident the extra study will not negatively impact their Year 12 studies, and
  • have gained support and permission from their parent/guardian and their school to take on the additional workload.

Students can only complete one ESP course with UQ.

Before applying, refer to the Frequently Asked Questions to find out more information regarding whether ESP is for you. 

1.  WRIT1999 is restricted to certain schools.  Refer to the WRIT1999 website for more details.

2.  For the WRIT1999 Summer Semester program only, a minimum 'B' cumulative average is considered.