ESP is only available for students in Queensland schools in Year 12. Applicants must be in Year 11 when they apply.

Students currently completing Year 11 (in the year of application), in all Queensland state and non-government high schools and colleges1, including on-shore international students and students studying the Diploma of the International Baccalaureate who:

  • are high academic achievers gaining at least a 'B' cumulative average (or equivalent)2,3 during Semester 1, Year 11, and
  • can participate in ESP during first semester of Year 12, and
  • are confident the extra study will not negatively impact their Year 12 studies, and
  • have gained support and permission from their parent/guardian and their school to take on the additional workload.

Students can only complete one ESP course with UQ.

To determine if ESP is right for you, refer to the 2023 ESP Rules and Guidelines and the frequently asked questions

1.  WRIT1999 is not a Semester One course. It is a 5-day intensive course which is restricted to certain schools.  Refer to WRIT1999 for more details. Additional entry requirements are required for WRIT1999. Refer to the 2023 ESP Rules and Guidelines.

2.  Additional entry requirements apply to GRMN2010, FREN2112, CHIN2750, SPAN3350, WRIT1999, MATH1051 and MATH1061.  Refer to the 2023 ESP Rules and Guidelines for more details. 

3.  Special entry requirements may apply to MUSC1100, depending on the offering available in any given year.  Refer to the 2023 ESP Rules and Guidelines for more details.  

What to consider before applying

Prior to applying, it is essential that applicants assess their ability to undertake a university subject whilst in Year 12.  Applicants should consider how an additional study load will impact commitments such as leadership positions, camps and their senior curriculum.

ESP students are officially enrolled at UQ.  This means that the final ESP grade remains on the student’s permanent and official record at UQ.  All grades on a student’s record (including ESP studies) may be used to calculate a Grade Point Average (GPA) for applications for study in undergraduate, honours, postgraduate or research studies in the future.

Semester 1 ESP students can withdraw from their UQ studies by the following dates:

  • Students can withdraw without academic penalty up to and including 31 March (Census Date).  The course will not appear on the student’s studies report or academic transcript if they withdraw on or prior to Census Date. 
  • Students who withdraw from ESP between 1 April and 30 April will have a result of ‘W’ (withdrawn without academic penalty) listed on their studies report.

Students who withdraw from ESP on or after 1 May and before results are finalised, will have a result of ‘K’ (withdrawn with academic penalty) listed on their studies report and their official academic transcript. For the purposes of calculating a grade, a ‘K’ is a zero.