2021 ESP courses are listed below.

Please note that Semester 1, 2021 Course Profiles will be uploaded in 2021, and are subject to change up until the commencement of Semester 1, 2021. However, the Semester 1, 2020 Course Profiles can be used as a guide up until this time (click on the course below, and then Semester 1, 2020 Course Profile).

You must read the relevant Course Profile before applying to ESP, so you are aware of specific course expectations, objectives, activities and contact hours. 

Please note that even though there may be Course Profiles available for other semesters, ESP is only available in Semester One. Also, courses are only available in the study modes listed below.

"Flexible Delivery" indicates that lectures will be available as recordings only, due to Covid restrictions, but students will be expected to attend other contact hours, such as tutorials or workshops, on campus.

Course Delivery Mode
Continuing German Language 1 (GRMN2010)*
 Highly recommended that students are concurrently studying Senior German. Quotas apply to this course (ie. places are limited). 
Flexible Delivery - St Lucia
French 1 : Post-secondary (FREN2112)*
Flexible Delivery - St Lucia
Fundamentals in English > Chinese Translation (CHIN2750)*
 Open to native or background speakers of Chinese only.
Flexible Delivery - St Lucia
Culturas textuales y visuales hispanas - Spanish (SPAN3350)*
 Advanced Spanish course. Quotas apply to this course (ie. places are limited).
Flexible Delivery - St Lucia
Introductory Russian I (RSSN1110)
 Russian language for beginners.  Develops basic language skills and introduces key grammatical concepts and structures.  Incompatible with Senior Russian or equivalent.
Flexible Delivery - St Lucia

Language placement tests:  For courses marked with an asterisk (*), applicants must sit a language placement test to determine their suitability for the course.  Entry into these courses is subject to the successful passing of a placement tests.  If the applicant’s language skills are determined as being too advanced for their chosen language course (or do not meet the minimum language requirement for entry), the applicant may be given the opportunity to study an alternative UQ language course more appropriate to their language skill level. This is determined on a case-by-case basis, and is dependent on course and quota availability, and approval from the School of Languages and Cultures, the Humanities and Social Sciences Faculty, and UQ Admissions. Further information regarding placement tests will be provided prior to enrolment.  

Quotas:  Some language courses have a limited number of places available, therefore not all suitably qualified applicants will be offered a place.  If an applicant misses out on a place in a relevant language course, they may be offered an alternative ESP course.  Note that the student must meet any prerequisites (if applicable) for the alternative course.