2023 ESP courses are listed below.

Please note that Semester 1, 2023 Course Profiles will be uploaded in 2023, and are subject to change up until the commencement of Semester 1, 2023. However, the Semester 1, 2022 Course Profiles can be used as a guide up until this time (click on the course below, and then Semester 1, 2022 Course Profile).

You must read the relevant Course Profile before applying to ESP, so you are aware of specific course expectations, objectives, activities and contact hours. 

Please note that even though there may be Course Profiles available for other semesters, ESP is only available in Semester One. Also, courses are only available in the delivery modes listed below and are subject to change.

CourseDelivery Mode
A Sociological Orientation to Education (EDUC1710)Internal - St Lucia
Being Human: Cultural Diversity and Experience (ANTH1008)Internal - St Lucia
Buildings in History and Culture (ARCH1140)Internal - St Lucia
Creative Writing: Narrative Fiction (WRIT1110)Internal - St Lucia
Internal - St Lucia
Discovering Archaeology (ARCA1000)Internal - St Lucia
Effective Thinking and Writing (WRIT1999) - restricted availability - not part of the Semester One Enhanced Studies Program. NOTE: Intensive course offered during the winter break for Year 11 students (dates vary from year to year) at the St Lucia campus. Applicants must be attending an eligible school or be enrolled in the Solid Pathways  or Young Achievers programs. Click on the link for more information and full eligibility details.Intensive - St Lucia
Ensemble Studies 1 (MUSC1100) - choir only. Entry to this course may be subject to attending and successfully passing an audition (audition date to be confirmed). Students must also be achieving a 'B' grade in Senior English and Senior Music in Semester 1, Year 11.Internal - St Lucia
Greek History to the 4th Century BC (ANCH1240)Internal - St Lucia
Introduction to Australian Politics (POLS1101)Internal - St Lucia 
Introduction to Criminology (CRIM1000)Internal - St Lucia
Introduction to International Inequality & Development (POLS1701)Internal - St Lucia
Introduction to International Relations (POLS1201)Internal - St Lucia
Introduction to Music Psychology (MUSC1300)Internal - St Lucia or External
Introduction to Music Technology (MUSC1010)Internal - St Lucia  or External
Introduction to Musicianship (MUSC1060)Internal - St Lucia
Introduction to Peace and Conflict Analysis (POLS1501)Internal - St Lucia
Introduction to Philosophy: What is Philosophy? (PHIL1002)Internal - St Lucia 
Introduction to Political Ideas (POLS1301)Internal - St Lucia
Introduction to Psychology: Developmental, Social and Clinical Psychology (PSYC1030)Internal - St Lucia
Introduction to Sociology (SOCY1050)Internal - St Lucia
Korean Popular Culture: Korean Wave (LTCS2023)Internal - St Lucia or External
Literary Classics: Texts and Traditions (ENGL1800)Internal - St Lucia
Media and Society (COMU1120)Internal - St Lucia or External
Political Problems and Public Policy (POLS1102)Internal - St Lucia
Society, Challenges and Solutions: Introduction to Social Sciences (SOSC1000)Internal - St Lucia
The Brain and Behavioural Sciences (NEUR1020)Internal - St Lucia
Understanding Contemporary Japanese Society and Culture (LTCS2028)Internal - St Lucia
Understanding to Digital Health (HLTH2000)External
Western Art Music 1700-1900: Approaches and Concepts (MUSC1050)Internal - St Lucia or External
World Religions & Spiritualities (RELN1000)Internal - St Lucia or External