What is WRIT1999 for QASMT students?

The Effective Thinking and Writing (WRIT1999) course will be held over a five-day intensive block (9am-3pm) in the winter school break from 3 to 7 July 2023 at UQ's St Lucia campus. 

The structures of language and thinking are intertwined, and each rely on the other for developing effective communication. WRIT1999 explores this link between thinking and writing. It introduces the idea of written language as an intellectual tool, and examines how writing affects the intellectual power of arguments, while guiding students through basic syntactical and grammatical concepts and basic argument construction. The course focuses on improving skills in gathering and assessing evidence, constructing arguments or interpretations, and presenting findings in effective ways. For more detail, the previous semester's course profile can be used as a guide (please note that this document is subject to change).

Applicants should read the UQ ESP Rules and Guidelines - WRIT1999 (PDF, 190 KB) before applying.

Applicants must check the email address used in their application, including the junk mail folder, for updates regarding their application.


ESP provides students with an opportunity to extend their knowledge, skills and abilities by completing one university subject:

  • ESP prepares students for university study by experiencing classes and completing assessment.
  • Students who successfully complete ESP will be eligible to receive one adjustment factor towards their UQ entrance rank (1-99 scale) through the Subject Incentive Scheme.
  • ESP study counts towards a student’s Queensland Certificate of Education (QCE)

Who can apply?

Students currently completing Year 11* at QASMT who:

  • are high academic achievers (generally at least an IB 5.5 average for the best four subjects during Term 1 of Year 11), and
  • have gained written permission from their parent/guardian to apply, and 
  • have been approved by QASMT to apply, and 
  • can commit to all five days of an intensive course (9am to 3pm each day), and 
  • have applied by the due date (instructions below).

*  Year 12 students may be considered subject to approval by QASMT and UQ Admissions.  

Other important notes to consider prior to applying

  • A limited number of places are available, therefore it is possible that not all eligible applicants will be offered a place.
  • Applications will be assessed after the closing date (Friday 2 June, 2023), and successful students will be notified after this time.
  • No preference is given to students who submit their application early during the application period.
  • Students are permitted to enrol in one course only as part of ESP. Students undertaking WRIT1999 are not permitted to participate in the Semester 1 ESP, and vice versa.
  • Students who are offered a place in WRIT1999 will be required to pay QASMT the requested course cost.  Please contact QASMT for details.