PLEASE NOTE: ALWAYS check your junk mail folder for correspondence! If you do not see an email, you may miss out on an offer.
Step 1:  Find a course
Review the 'What can I study?' page for available ESP courses or access the 2024 ESP Guide
Step 2: Review the rules and guidelines

Download and read the 2024 ESP Rules and Guidelines. Review eligibility criteria and terms of ESP.

Step 3:  Declaration and Permission Form

Download the Permission and Declaration Form, and read and complete the relevant fields.  Obtain parental/guardian and school consent. Incomplete fields will result in processing delays and may result in your application not being considered. 

Step 4:  Complete the online application

  1. Download and have handy during the application our Enhanced Studies Program - Online Application Guide.
  2. Access the online application via the link at the bottom of this page.
  3. When completing the 'personal information' section, please useyour your official full name as it appears on your QCAA/school record. 
  4. When starting the application, to undertake ESP select 'Non-award study'.
  5. Complete all other sections as prompted, and as per the above Online Application Guide.
  6. Under 'Evidence and Document Upload' include:
    • Year 11 Semester One report card 
    • signed Permission and Declaration Form (both parent/guardian and school* permission required)
    • passport and visa documents (international students only)
  7. You can then review your application before clicking 'Submit'. 
  8. Once your application has been assessed and you are deemed eligible, you will be sent an offer which you must log in to accept. 
  9. If you do not accept your offer by the required time, you will be unable to participate in the Enhanced Studies Program.
  10. Important: check the email address you used for your application, including your junk mail folder, for updates on the status of your application.

* This may be your School Principal, Guidance Officer or other authorised school representative.

Home Educated students: Please refer to the ESP Rules and Guidelines for eligibility requirements.

Applications are now closed. Applications closed at 5pm on Friday, 8 December, 2023.